Family Huddle™

The App That Makes Your Family Closer

Stronger communication for stronger families

Spark positive conversations that gets the entire family involved! Tap into a powerful altruistic feedback loop that creates a habit of paying positive attention to one another.

Helps to spark positive family interactions that generate reciprocal emotional boosts.

Teaches families to create a habit of paying positive attention to one another.

Promotes teamwork and sharing activities to earn bonus activities that elicit in-person interactions

Family Huddle

How it works.

Family Huddle is easy set up and use. Simply sign up, invite your family members and let the app help you facilitate fun and interesting interactions as a family.

Family Huddle How it Works

Explore Topics

Relive family memories and share thoughts with daily questions for the entire family.


Share Dates & Events

Share Dates & Events

Complete Challenges

Complete unique daily challenges designed with families in mind.

Message Securely

Securely send and receive inter-family comments within the HIPAA-compliant app.

Be Inspired

Enjoy and share inspired quotes and insights about today’s family.

Family Huddle provides an interactive and rewarding way to strengthen communication and bonds within families.

Is it time to bring your family closer?

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