Family Huddle

Spark Positive Family Interactions

Family Huddle is a mobile app shared amongst families to facilitate safe, mobile interactions to strengthen family communication and family bonds by sparking positive interactions that produces more connected families. Family Huddle provides a solution to manage busy schedules, improve communication, and create consistent quality interactions for the entire family.

How it Works

Family Huddle provides family members with daily questions and inspirations to help them create a habit of honest communication with their entire family. The mobile-ready design makes it easy to foster family connections, whether they are using an iOS device, Android, or PC.

Explore Topics

Share family memories and thoughts with daily questions meant to foster family communication, create more connected families, and foster family wellness.

Share Dates & Events

Families can utilize a shared calendar to keep track of special events, birthdays, sporting events, and any other activities that they enjoy together.

Complete Challenges

Participate as a team in unique family challenges meant to foster family bonding and allow families to have fun while becoming more connected.

Message Securely

Messages build family trust, and users can be secure knowing that all messages follow all HIPPA compliance standards and are private.

Built for Today’s Family

Open and honest communication is crucial for healthy families. Members of the family won’t feel heard if there is no clear, effective communication. However, fostering that communication in a world that Is more hectic than ever can be challenging.

Trying to cut through all the distractions when both parents typically work, the divorce rate is higher than it has ever been, blended families are more often the norm, and schedules are more and more cluttered is important. Family Huddle helps to build lines of communication across those barriers and enhance your family relationships.

Happy family spending time outside.

Backed by Science

Today’s families struggle with many of the same issues that couples face, including busy schedules, poor communication, and lack of consistent quality interactions. Family Huddle leverages research studies and principles from our relationship app for couples, Love Every Day®, and expands that methodology to provide a solution for the entire family.

Strengthen Your Family’s Communication

  • Spark positive family interactions that generate reciprocal emotional boosts. ​
  • Learn as a family how to create a habit of paying positive attention to one another. ​
  • Work as a team in sharing activities to earn bonus activities that elicit in-person interactions.
Happy mom and daughter.

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