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Unhappy Relationships Have Major Implications for Businesses

Marital discord and unhappy relationships are significant risk factors for emotional, behavioral, and long-term physical health issues. ​This includes increased stress, anxiety, functional impairment, depression, and substance abuse disorders. Marital problems cost U.S. employers $6.8 billion annually because of absenteeism, lower productivity, and higher healthcare expenses. Our Love Every Day app for couples allows users to work towards achieving their relationship goals.

How it Works

Love Every Day® provides an interactive and rewarding way to strengthen communication and intimacy between couples no matter where they are in their relationship journey. Our daily interaction app, designed to enhance relationship communication and incorporate couples therapy exercises, can improve any relationship.

Engage with Positive Daily Communication

Every day, users answer a couple’s therapy question. Once everyone has responded, Love Every Day will send notifications and share the responses.

Complete Relationship Challenges

Complete unique daily challenges to strengthen relationships further. Whether couples are looking for an app for long-distance relationships or want to improve communication with a live-in partner, Love Every Day can help.

Communicate in Confidence

Rest assured that responses between couples remain private. The in-app, HIPAA-compliant messaging feature keeps conversations private and away from prying eyes. The app is as secure as a couples counseling session.

Grow with Confidence

Used by over 20,000 couples, Love Every Day uses research-backed questions and methodologies proven to enhance relationships.

Themed Desks to Meet Relationship Needs

Couples can select from over seven question decks to align with their interests or relationship stage. Users in new relationships may be interested in the “21-Day Challenge” deck.

Established couples looking to keep their relationship playful may want to try the “Just for Fun” deck.

Looking for online couples therapy? Our proven system can help improve communication and intimacy, within a simple app.

Shared Calendar

Date nights, anniversaries, parties, or tasks all in one place.

Demonstrated Efficacy

We first validated effectiveness by conducting a study with couples living together. Our study showed significant improvements in relationship distress, partner cohesion, and relationship confidence and satisfaction.

Happy couple.

Highly Engaging

Couples visit Love Every Day an average of 3.5 times per day during their first three weeks.

Love Every Day Effectiveness*

Increase in positive interactions:
Improvement in stimulating an exchange of ideas:
Improvement in engaging outside interests together.
Improvement in communication about each other’s days.

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