You Have the Power to Change Your Mood

MoodHacker is an application that promotes the daily use of clinically proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and positive psychology strategies to manage depression and anxiety, reducing symptoms over time. It does this by engaging users to track, understand, and make behavioral changes that, in turn, improve their mood, health, and well-being. Moodhacker is not a mood tracker app; it activates positive change.

How it Works

Track Daily

Just like you brush your teeth twice daily for your oral health, you use Moodhacker twice daily for your mental health. Create a plan in the morning and track it in the evening; it only takes a few moments.

Track Your Activities

Moodhacker encourages users to engage in positive psychology-based activities that improve mood and well-being. Whether employees are working towards a big goal like running a marathon or something simple but effective like starting a meditation practice, Moodhacker meets them where they are.

Rate Your Mood

Simple, easy, and effective mood tracking is done in the morning and evening to show employees how, over time, their mood has increased based on specific activities.


Simple journal prompts allow users to keep notes on what’s helping and what’s not. Over time, they will find what works for them and be on their way to an improved mood and well-being.

Proven Effectiveness

Moodhacker has been scientifically validated, showing its effectiveness in a randomized controlled trial that showed significant effects for activating new positive behaviors, increasing knowledge, and reducing depression and anxiety symptoms, even those with high-functioning anxiety can benefit from this mental health app.


The more the application is used, the better the results.

Knowing which activities affect us positively helps us plan healthy, happier days, and learning what dampens our mood helps us minimize activities that bum us out. Moodhacker meets people wherever they’re at in relation to depression and anxiety. Whether it’s severe, mild, or currently not present, and it offers practical insights and next steps to help get healthy.

Whether employees experience the Sunday scaries or work anxiety, Moodhacker can be effective in helping them activate positive personal change and reduce absenteeism in any organization.

More Than a Tracking Tool

MoodHacker encourages self-management through a practical, real-life, and holistic intervention approach. Healthy habits that promote physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and social support are woven into the user experience. Based on CBT, Positive Psychology, and Self Determination Theory, personalized messaging guides users on a proven intervention pathway.

Happy girl.

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